Learn How a Sidekick Helped Other Organizations

“I had a lot of relationships but had no idea how to turn them into donors that would help me grow my non profit. Joe took me through a proven process that has dramatically changed my organization. Just in Q1 of 2020 we have doubled since 2019. I am raising the money I need to do the mission that is in my heart. Despite the struggles that have come with the Corona Virus we are working on a strategy that I think will 10 X my organization in the next 24 months. Thank you!”

Ben Peterson
CEO of Engage Your Destiny

“Joe brings a high level of proven experience in the nonprofit space as well as a contagious enthusiasm that is so important to taking your organization to the next level. He has proven fundraising and business strategies that are powerful and easy to put into place. I would highly recommend Joe and Superhero Sidekick if you are looking to grow your business.”

Paul Levelle
CEO of Operation Restored Warrior

Our organization would not be where we are today without the great insight, ideas, and tools we received from Joe. He’s a fantastic leader, entrepreneur, and visionary. His sole focus is empowering others to achieve their dreams and passions. If you want to grow your organization and influence, Joe is your guy.

Breck Merkle
CEO/Director for The Glory Project

Valerie Millsaps

I’ve always said it’s wise to surround yourself with people that push us outside our comfort zone. That’s what Joe has done for me and our organization. He’s reminded me that we each have a special gift and to share that gift with boldness and passion. With Joe helping me fine-tune my story, our organization has the highest growth since its inception last year.

Valerie Millsaps
Executive Director of Pregnancy Resource Center

Michael McCaffe

Superhero sidekick (Joe Baker) has been a difference maker for Inspire. Joe combines the stellar track record of a non-profit leader with a visionary fearlessness of an entrepreneur. Joe has indispensable personal experience leading a non-profit at every stage of an organization. He has revolutionized the way we see our organization and manage our calendar.

Michael McCaffe
President of Inspire Experiences

Bill Darpino

From the moment we said GO, Joe jumped in and quickly became part of the team and solution. He helped us look through the branding and development lenses with his unparalleled creativity and vision. Joe is uniquely equipped to shift your thinking, with precision, to integrate elements that will bring success, however, never overlooking the importance of mission and your story. Not only did he bring ideas but he provided tools and process to equip you. Join the future of collaboration and get a superhero sidekick!

Bill Darpino
CEO of Creation Music Festival