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As a CEO, Joe Evermore has built many successful businesses and raised tens of millions over the last ten years. HE has worked shoulder-to shoulder with world-changing nonprofit leaders to unlock their potential and reach their goals. It took him six years to grow the national pro-life organization Save The Storks from his garage to a ministry and brand that launched over 60 mobile medical units around the country. He has had the opportunity to see thousands of lives saved.

As Joe’s organization grew, he needed to grow with it. Originally, his job was to grind all day doing every job within his business, but as the organization matured, he filled it with employees to take these roles.

Joe’s job then became about building relationships and making decisions. As that transition began to take place, he needed and sought out more and more wise counsel. Looking back, Joe wishes that he had been able to find that one person who had already “been there and done that, who could be by his side. That’s what he is providing now – intimate, ongoing support.

In addition to his nonprofit work, Joe has created for for-profit businesses that have generated tens of millions in revenue, and created jobs for several teams of people. Joe would say that his superpower is that he is great at building pipelines. He likes to build catalytic systems that generate both revenue and impact. And that was the reason why Save The Storks had such a meteoric start.

Joe has been married to his wife Ann for over 10 years, and is proud of their three boys and one girl. They are his life adventures together. They are all about achieving big goals. In fact, his son Sam and he are climbing a series of very difficult mountains, with Sam being the youngest person ever to have climbed them. The final climb is El Capitan. All of his other work is a piece of cake compared to daily training to climb big walls with a five, six, and now seven-year-old.


Bill learned very quickly the importance of a strong work ethic while working on both the family farm and business. It taught him how this foundational principle helps forge success both in business and life. However, as CEO, he also realized you need more. Hard work, hustle, vision and great people are all key components to success, but every great CEO Superhero also needs a Sidekick.

Over the past 25 years as a leader and CEO, Bill has focused on driving success through strategic initiatives, strong operational processes, and leadership development in the organizations he has run. His leadership is built on trust through a servant leadership culture.

Working in both the nonprofit and for-profit space, Bill’s superpower, he would say, is building strategic operations. He likes to build healthy cultural structures that support both the team and company in symbiosis. Bill thrives on building people and processes using collaboration, measurable goals, clear vision and strong communication to accomplish enhanced performance, revenue growth and dynamic leadership.

You cannot walk in the shoes of a leader without having someone trusted and experienced by your side. This is where Bill comes in, to be the Sidekick standing with you, helping you to use your superpowers and propel the mission forward. This allows your vision to soar, and your organization to grow.

His faith and family are the bedrock of his life and work, and continue to be his greatest legacy and adventure.



When launching my organization I knew I needed the help of someone that could guide me quickly and find the path forward. I called on Joe Evermore and Bill Darpino with Superhero Sidekick and from the word go, they both challenged me to think unconventionally, set big goals, create a strategy to grow, stay on course, and encouraged me all along the way. In 8 months I hit supersonic, going from 50 donors to over 1700 hitting a MRR of $70,000, along with a brand and mission that is now gaining traction. They have been my sidekicks and, having been CEO’s themselves, they understand the work it takes, the pitfalls that line in the path and the vision and execution that must be there to hit your goals to succeed. Seriously, if you want to stand out and grow, both as a leader and with your organization, I recommend you work with these guys. It is not only fun but you will get results and hit big goals.


I reached out to Joe Evermore on Facebook, knowing he quickly scaled his organization to soaring heights. Joe and Bill have played a pivotal role in helping my purpose in life collide with confidence. It’s the fuel that I finally needed to step into my leadership voice. They have helped me launch our new organization BRAVELY Women’s Health, coaching on branding, team and board direction, fundraising and donor development. They helped me on my Black Tie Ball, and with their coaching I was able to double the fundraiser from $90k to $182k. I am now on pace to try to double that again. Behind me, making sure I overcome any obstacle I face and providing the guidance I needed, were my two favorite sidekicks, Bill and Joe.


“My team and I have been on a mission to scale up our non-profit since founding it two years ago. We’d sought help with others and exhausted their offerings with no significant growth. When we found Superhero Sidekick, we encountered true maximizers and master strategists. These are proven leaders who themselves have amazing success stories. Additionally, they know how to clearly impart their knowledge and strategies in a practical and digestible way for immediate application. They went above and beyond for us, walked in the very spirit of the organization, and were able to do what others couldn’t. Sidekick brought our vision into view by not only understanding the brand and how it connects with my own story, but also by sequencing the construction of a complex business in record time. And this was just in the first Base Camp meeting!”


I applied the strategies that Joe Evermore coached me on and it literally more than 2X our banquet giving. Last year my event raised $625k, and this year $1.31 million. We are all praising the Lord for the amount of lives that will be saved.

When I first hired Superhero Sidekick I thought they seemed expensive but now I think their services have been cheap.


Love Life

Joe and Bill have provided tremendous value to our organization. They really helped us drastically improve our overall donor strategy and branding. Joe is has a brilliant and creative mind accompanied with several years of building businesses and organizations from the ground up that really helped take us to the next level. I highly recommend them.



Joe and the Superhero team don’t settle for mediocre results when they see a path to amazing outcomes. Their clear guidance, creative thinking, and broad experience will help any team looking to grow their results in fundraising and marketing.



Love Life

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