Our Powers Help Your Organization Grow

Our Powers Help Your Organization Grow

  • Grow Your Organization

Side-car Coaching

This is like having Robin available with just a flick of the Bat Signal switch. We’ll spend an entire day together building out your plan. Then, we’ll schedule talks every week to help you execute your fundraising plan—I’m available for a quick call whenever you need.

  • Full Day of Fundraising Training.
  • Full Day of Fundraising Plan Architecting.
  • Meet in person for at least one full day every quarter.
  • Weekly coaching sessions.
  • 24/7 Backup
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  • Improve Your Brand

Superhero Makeover

In this day and age nothing is more important than your brand—and I don’t just mean your name and logo (glad to fix that too).  A brand is everything in your company that contributes to how your audience perceives you.

  • Explore the story of your company; build out your mission, vision, and culture. 
  • Examine the overall business plan and sequence the action steps needed to develop a really kick-ass brand. 
  • Develop a new name and or logo—a timeless, elegant, simple, and something your audience will want to tattoo on their arm
  • Create a detailed Brand guide so that your look and feel is always consistent  

Creating excellent branding or excellent rebranding are the most important and difficult tasks that you will ever do. Don’t do it alone. Lean on experts.  

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