The Law of Ambition:  Every act you engage in is an attempt to improve your conditions in some way.

·         We are naturally dissatisfied with our current condition. 

·         We are naturally compelled toward a better condition of greater satisfaction.

Your dissatisfaction can be directed in two directions.

·         Externally – toward your environment and that which is controlled by others. 

·         Internally – on what you have control of,,,, and can act upon.

We have a choice to wait for everyone else to put our needs ahead of their own and everyone else’s, or we can focus on what we can personally act upon and take full responsibility for our own outcomes. 

You can act or be acted upon.

For you to take action, three things are necessary: 

1.        You must be dissatisfied with your existing condition. 

2.        You must be aware of a greater satisfaction toward whichyou can move, 

3.        You must believe there exists a wayfor you, by your actions, to get from where you are to whereyou want to be.

When you are dissatisfied (#1) and see a state of greatersatisfaction (#2), but you do not see how any action ofyours (#3) will get you there, you will refrain from acting. You will freeze or get stuck.

·         If you are completely content or if you feel completelyhopeless, you’ll refrain from acting to improve yourcondition.

·         Your dissatisfaction will turn to compromised contentment, accepting your lesser fate. “That’s just how it is”

·         Your drive for a greater sense of satisfaction will diminish leaving you visionless. “There’s no way I can get to that level”

·         Your current level of satisfaction will match your future level of satisfaction. 

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