Sinikka Waugh is the Founder and Director of Your Clear Next Step.  Your Clear Next Step exists to help people have better workdays so that together, they can co-create better communities. We do that through connecting people to the training, coaching, and resources they need to get even better at work.   

Sinikka talks about how important it is  for new leaders to be equipped in their communication skills, their willingness to change and the necessity of emotional intellengenge. 

“In a healthy organization, we are going to be looking to have the right fit. If we've got solid core values as an organization, or if we are starting with our why like Simon Sinik recommends, If we really lead with that mission and vision like EOS recommends that we do, then we are going to be attracting naturally people who are going to be a good fit”

Check out Sinikka's upcoming Supervisory Series focused on equipping front-line leaders in their leadership development.  

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