Dr. Jeff Myers is one of America’s most respected authorities on youth leadership development. Dr Myers is the president of Summit Ministries, a highly respected worldview training program whose tens of thousands of graduates are making a difference in politics, law, academics, medicine, science, and business.  Summit influences 50,000 young people per year. 

A Foundational Worldview that Empowers – How a biblical worldview provides us the strength to not only get through tough times, but to thrive through them leading to impact by example.

·       What is a “Worldview”?   “A pattern of Ideas, of beliefs, of convictions and of habits that helps us make sense of everything in the world and even what is true beyond the things we can see.”

·      “Whatever we believe about our core beliefs will determine how we make those 10,000 to 20,000 decisions that we make every day. “

·       Can you share a time when your biblical worldview came under scrutiny?  What was the biggest challenge and how did you work through it?

·       Either the truth can be know, or it cannot be known.  When you believe the truth an be know, you end up with a very different pattern of life. We seek to discover reality (truth) rather than determine it for ourselves.



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