Tim Day  is the Senior VP and GM DRS Daylight Solutions, a laser based molecular detection and imaging company for defense and commercial markets.

  • Passion for lasers since HS
    • Laser, color control, fiber optic internet communications, aircraft protection
    • IPO, Mergers, Acquisitions
    • Founders, Stories, Team
  • Similarities between New Focus and Daylight
    • Product development, difficult engineering, market readiness, financing, pereservereance
    • People People People 
    • Culture is everything
    • Nothing without team….
    • Speed of Trust
  • Lessons learned
    • Culture is key
    • People
    • Perservereance

Core Values and Culture are key

  • Creativity, Character, Camaraderie, Excellence, Integrity
  • Hire for Character and Attitude, Train for Skil
  • Active Listening
  • Coaching
  • Hiring examples

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