Michael Miller is “the smartest guest we have ever had” (Joe).  He is the producer of the film The Poverty Cure, (povertycure.org), Director / Producer of Poverty, Inc. Senior Research Fellow, Acton Institute.

In this episode we tackle the difficult questions surrounding poverty and how the solutions may be found in commerse rather than simply charity.  

Big Ideas and Quotes:

  • 4:12 We ask the wrong question, “why is there poverty, but the real question is why is there wealth?”
  • Ways we think about poverty
    1. We tend to treat poor people like objects… instead of treating poor people like subjects.  “we are not subjects to be manipulated, we are subjects to be respected”
    2. We've replaced charity with humanitarianism.  “Love is not just a feeling that we feel, love is the intentional willing of the good of the other person”.  “Humanitariansim doesn't thing so much about the human flourishing of the person, it provides comfort”
  • 12:05 “When we operate from a bad model, we do activities that actually harm the poor and disrespect the poor instead of partnering with the poor and treating them as we would want to be treated.”

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