Part 3 Our guest Tim Mulroy of Northwester Mutual discusses how your current responses to your situation have an incredible effect you your future life.  The choices we make now last forever! Make your future choices today!

Tim's big ideas for this episode:

  • :53 Leading a Horse to Water – “You hear this 21 days to build a habit, that's bull-crap!”
    • Joe talks about starting with a basic task. “Don't commit to organizing your whole office,  just commit everyday to 3 minutes of organization”
    • “The trajectory has already solved the problem.  All we have to do is keep doing that… I am on the right trajectory, so I am already experiencing victory.”
  • 5:25 Going Too Far – Make a rule for yourself.  If there is a patern or behavior you want to stop doing, you have to do it 10x as much as you would normally do it.   “You can have a donut, but if you do, you have to have 5”. 
  • 7:15  The 5 Stages Of Making A Major Life Change – Tony Robins

                Stage 1: Satiation
                Stage 2: Dissatisfaction
                Stage 3: Threshold
                Stage 4: Truth
                Stage 5: Opening

  • 15:08 Tims challenge to our listeners.  “You know that you are capable of more… If you are vulnerable enough to have a real conversation with someone you respect… People want to help you.  They will help you”,  “We are defective of doing this on our own.” 

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