Joe and Joel talk about the necessity of taking calculating risks in business.

We talk about the parable of the talents. 

  • Not taking risks can actually be more risky than taking risks. 
  • “It's all about leadership. And leaders have to be risk takers. They have to be assertive. They have to dare to go places that others haven't gone or maybe they're to go places that their leaders have gone but their followers havent gone.”
  • “And when we see Jesus, we saw people literally like rip the roof off the building to get close to him and. They're around the leader that has deep courage, man. That's somebody you wanna, you know, spilling blood for. It's it's somebody that you really wanna get in a trench with like, you know, that's exciting versus somebody else that's like just own, just in it for themselves.” 
  • “there is no investment ever in the history of the world where you can invest 3 talents and get six, invest five and get 10 and just wanting it to. There's never been an investment like that without risk.
  • “there's two rules of money. Rule #1 is that you grow the most when you lose the most money. So congratulations, he says. However, we'll #2 is the rule number one can only apply if you don't blame others. “
  • “And so when we risk, even when we lose, we don't lose. Even when we lose we actually leave it a lot stronger and so. It is so important as a leader to risk for two reasons. One, because we're much more likely to get ahead that way and to if we don't, we actually grow in that process and it's so important, it's so important that that to to not live out of fear, but to be and be the person taking risk taking.”

Comfort is overrated. Safety can be debilitating if gathered in excessl

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