Part 1 Our guest Tim Mulroy of Northwester Mutual talks about adjusting your mindset to overcome our complacency and find the motivations to be the best version you.  

Tim's big ideas for this episode: 

  • 6:20 “Most people don't fail because they have a lack of knowledge… They're not applying what they know how to do.”  
  • 8:00 “Your are normal… theres nothing wrong with you. You are not broken…  If you think you are broken, you will never move forward.” 
  • Two Priniciles that will change your life:   
    1. 10:40  Know your Reason – “If you don't have a reason to do what you are struggling to do, you are never going to do it…  You have to have fuel…  It's like starter fluid on a fire” Our reasons can drive us toward a compelling future, or they can drive us toward a terrifying future.
    2. 15:15  Your moment of Truth – “Are you interested in what you are talking about, or are you committed?”  You need to design your environment so that you follow-through.
  • 16:51 The Responsibility Formula –  Dilemma  + Response  = Outcome (D+R=O).  “You have to give away something today, in order to have a harvest in the future”,  
  • 19:47 “Whatever you focus on, you get… If you focus on what you don't want, you still get what you don't want”.
  •  22:01 “A man with his health has a thousand dreams. A man without it has only one”.

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