1.)  CHECK THE BOX, NEXT…. The donation form needs to be very simple and easy.  First off (and this is a biggie), don’t make your donors write in their personal information.  You should already have their name, address, email, phone number on the giving sheet.  Remember they are giving out of their heart, don’t distract them by asking information that you already know.  I also like to print on the sheet what they have given in the last twelve months and what they have given in total.  If they are on a donor team I print that on the form as well.  In addition to how easy this makes the process it’s also important psychologically.  Someone might be tempted to say let’s just give online after the event (and then forget).  But it’s already filled out. They basically have to just check boxes.  

2.)  PLAN, PREPARE AND PREPARE MORE:  It’s your closer job to walk them through the form without dropping the emotion ball.  So have them actually prepare this in their talk.  No seriously, have them rehearse it and time it multiple times.  Every banquet that I have been to in the past year has biffed this up.  Most closer have never even looked at the giving sheet.  Don’t do that. 

3.)  DO YOUR HOMEWORK, STEWARD WELL:  The first part of the form should be a set of high dollar menu options.  These options should cost between 5% and 25% of your total raise.  So if it’s for a $175,000 stork bus have the three menu options be A $10,000 wrap, $25,000 sonogram unit, and a $50,000 paid sonographer.  If you are raising $1,000,000 have your items very from $50,000 to $250,000.  It’s important that your closer explains each of the three items and how they contribute to the overall evening goal.

4.)  KEEP THE FORM EASY AND CLEAR:  Each of the four parts of the form need delineation.  The second part of the form is simply where they circle one of three giving amounts or write in their own amount.  

5.)   CREATE LONG TERM PARTNERS: t he third part of the donation form is to ask them to become a monthly partner.  And it’s important that the speaker can articulate why this is also important.  I have been amazed at how many people will sign up for both one time and monthly giving  when specifically coached to do both.  I like to have a highly visual gift for anyone who signs up for a giving team.  My favorite gift is a stork bow tie because when guys got it I would have some one knight it over their neck and they wouldn’t tie it (because they didn’t know how) but it would remain on their neck.  If for any reason you only want to do one ask instead of two then drop the one time giving and only do the monthly option.  The monthly option should also come with a menu of team giving.  And the speaker should explain the difference between each of the teams.  Monthly giving is the most important thing on the form.  

6.)   EASY, FAST AND TRUSTED:  The fourth part of the form is simply to get their payment info.  We primarily want them to simply void a check and sign the bottom of the form.  That’s the easiest, fastest, and best for the donor.  This saves you lots in fees, and also ensures that your donors don’t drop when cards get maxed out, get canceled, or decline.  The form should mention that debiting a checking account saves the org.  And the speaker needs to make sure that this is emphasized.  The best case scenario is if you already have the donors giving information on file and then they just have to check menu boxes and sign.     

7.)   ASK THEM TO BRING FORWARD:  Once the ask is made it’s important that all the forms are brought forward.  I like to ask people to multiply the mon

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