Carrie Copley is a speaker,j success coach and author of the  book Finding Joy living an A+ Life In a C- World Carrie tells us about her journey. 

Carrie talks about the three ingredients that a coach will help you with. 

  • How to go from Good to Great.
  • Learning about our blindspots.
  • Accepting accountability.

More about Carrie,
I have merged my extensive schooling and years of practical experience to develop a faith-based understanding of how to inspire others to reach their life goals. My practical experience includes:

BA in Sociology from Iowa State University.
More than two decades working in leadership positions in the non-profit and corporate environment.
Studied with the Career Coaching Institute
Elite Life Coaching Certification from the Coach Mindset Elite Life Coach Training Program.
Eight years of hands on coaching, speaking and training as a Life Leadership Coach at Love Your Life, LLC
Certified Spiritual Director (May 2021)
I’m married to my best friend Chad, and we have four children. We live in Ames, Iowa and in our free time, we enjoy attending Iowa State sporting events, biking, running, hiking, church activities and just hanging out with family and friends.

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