Joe and Joel talks about the need for coaching.

Joe baker specializes in non-profit fundraising and is the founder of Superhero Sidekick Coaching.

Over the course of the many businesses that I have been a part of I hired many different consultants and strategic planners, some were good, some were not… All of them could quickly show me what was broken about my organization and help me see what was needed, however none of them were available to help me through the process of getting things right. These consultants would offer ideas that seemed great on the whiteboard but then when those concepts began to fail I was on my own to figure it out. And this is precisely why I exist today. Because great CEO’s need so much more than a consultant…they need a sidekick.


  • Free assessment of your organizational needs, goals and pain points. 
  • The modeling of a strategy to get where you are going.
  • The delivery of a scoreboard to track if you are winning daily. 
  • Meeting weekly to ensure success.

Joel is an Empowerment Coach and Trainer at Joel Smith Coach llc.

  • Raise your awareness
  • Raise your value
  • Raise your impact

Coaching That Move Leaders Beyond Their Personal Hurdles

We awaken business leaders, empower them, and launch them into action!

I will help you discover self-leadership and personal growth as the first steps to becoming a high impact leader.  This requires honesty, humility and an accurate view of self. The more you can add value to yourself the more you will be equipped to add value to the people around you.  Great leadership is contageous!

Joe and Joel are professional business coaches. We would love to servce you. Check out our services!