Dr. Jeff Myers is one of America’s most respected authorities on youth leadership development. Dr Myers is the president of Summit Ministries, a highly respected worldview training program whose tens of thousands of graduates are making a difference in politics, law, academics, medicine, science, and business.  Summit influences 50,000 young people per year.

Finding Purpose Through Our Calling – Jeff’s purpose and drive to teach and develop (young) people to think right, act right, and serve the right God. 

·       What is Summit Ministries? 

·       The 4 big questions of life – Origin, Meaning, Morality and Destiny

·       The 5 Deadly Questions – Where do you get your infomrmation?  How do you know if your right?  What happens if you're wrong? Are you willing to consider a different perspective?  define your terms?

·       Learning to make our calling real through what we do in our professions as well as our ministry.  They are one in the same, and stem from our worldview.

·       The heart of a biblical worldview, “Jesus doesn't just save us from something, but he saves us FOR something.”

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