This is Part 1 of the Coaching Series titled The 5 Hurdles to Maximum Impact.  Today we kick off the introduction that paves the way for the series.

The 6 Stages of Development

  • The cycle begins again with each new phase of our life.
  • These Stages take time to grow into and through.
  • Sometimes we get stuck on a Stage for a season.  Without a vision we get stuck forever.

The 6 Stages 

1.       Dependence – You Do It

  • Unable to solve your own problems or make your own decisions.
  • Upside – There is only one way you can go.
  • Downside – If you don’t, you will always be dependent on others to meet your needs.

2.       Independence – I Do It

  • You can make your own decisions and take care of your own basic needs.
  • Upside – You are no longer dependent on others; they are freed from that burden.
  • Downside – If you don’t progress, you will always desire to operating on your own terms.

3.       Inter-dependence – We Do It

  • Seeks Win/Win relationships through pursuing a common purpose.
  • Upside – Consolidated efforts yield greater returns.  We can do more together.
  • Downside – If strong leadership is absent, the individuals will revert to the independence stage.

4.       Mastery – We Do It Well

  • The pursuit of excellence drives your daily habits helping you maximize results.
  • Upside – Becoming exceptional at a specific skill can set you apart from the pack.
  • Downside – If you don’t use that skill to get results, it will not be noticed.

5.       Credibility – We Did It

  • Proven competence in your area of expertise leads to trustworthiness and opportunities.
  • Upside – People think well of you and want to join your cause.
  • Downside – You are one mistake away from potentially losing it.

6.       Maximum Impact – Lets Do More

  • Management adds, Leadership multiplies.
  • Upside – You and your team can change the world on a larger scale.
  • Downside – Continued progress demands greater oversight. 


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