Paul helps companies recruit executives faster and more efficiently using the “Art of Recruiting” to help companies stand out from the pack.  He is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Herd Freed Hartz, celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year, having worked with 300+ clients across a mix of industries and roles. They have been named Top retained search firm in the NW by Forbes magazine last 3 years, national public speaker on “The Art of Recruiting” and even invited on Season 4 of Top Recruiter.

Paul lives in Bend, OR with his wife Rachel and 8 yr old adopted daughter Samantha.  He loves all things outdoors (skiing, mountain biking, hiking, wakesurfing), passion for travel (82+ countries so far), watching Shark Tank, Jeeping, and perfecting his Traeger BBQed pork shoulder.

Topic: Art of Recruiting: How to Inspire Talent You Want

Overview: To attract the talent you want to grow your business, you need to stop boring them with your job descriptions.  You can’t attract an A-player when most job descriptions sound like “Here are 20 soul-sucking tasks you can do….interested?”.  

House Listings are like Job Descriptions.

·         Why real estate agents stage a house & listing – do the same for your job descriptions.

·         To accomplish anything of significance – you need to recruit and attract others to join you

·         Art of Recruiting just works and great ROI 

Balance the Steak & Sizzle

·         4 quadrants – kitchen sink/ping pong/franken-description/talent magnet

·         Steak examples to include.

·         Sizzle examples to include.

Read it aloud – Is it Authentic & Inspiring?

·         Would you say that to a human sitting across from you?

·         Authentic voice – should sound like I’m talking with you 1:1

·         Hero/Villian/Quest – invite someone to be a hero on your epic mission that matters.

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