Ryan, Miller is the president and co-owner of Farmers Hen House in Kalona, Iowa. Farmers Hen House began in 1997 and has grown from 3 farms to almost 60. They have about a million hens and distribute all across the country.  

Character and Integrity in the Workplace
Integrity – Wholeness or Authenticity. Soundness of Structure.

Character – “Character is a collection of individual choices and actions that create a portrait of who you really are.”  Greg Gilbaugh – Letting Good Things Run Wild

“In order to describe and evaluate character and integrity, there must exist a standard for us to make a proper evaluation” Greg Gilbaugh – Letting Good Things Run Wild

As a business owner, how can establish a foundation of integrity in our companies? 
how can we communicate what integrity and excellence looks like?
How can we keep ourselves from compromising?

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