Jeremy Lovelace is an American Entrepreneur from Vancouver Washington. He and his father Tom own over 90 Papa Murphy's Pizza restaurants around the U.S. 

As the largest Papa Murphys's  franchisee they have been instramental in furthering the development of the company. 

Jeremy talks about the humble beginnings and how growing people is the central factor in their success in scaling the company.  

About Jeremy:

  •  Born and raised in Vancouver, WA. 
  • I have been around the family business since I was 7 years old when his Dad bought his first store.
  • Started my career in the family business right out of high school
  • Helped grow it from 10 stores at that time to over 90 stores including 19 of them in Canada.
  • Passionate about this niche of a concept and hope to be apart of it's turnaround.
  • Upbringing was in the church as my Grandpa's were pastors as well as my Dad now.
  • Married with two boys.  Hudson and  Lincoln.
  • Played all sports growing up.  Still love them. Especially Golf.

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